1. Dušan Ješić, International technology Management Academy, Novi Sad, 2. Pavel Kovač, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department for Production Engineering, Serbia
3. Borislav Savković, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department for Production Engineering, Serbia
4. Dražen Sarjanović, Sara-Mont. Doo,, Serbia
5. Dušan Golubović, University of East Sarajevo, Faculty for Mechanical Engineering East Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the realization of contact, changes appear on the contact surfaces of the elements of tribomechanical systems, which refer both to the change of roughness and to the changes of their shape or dimensions.
Contact between the elements of tribomechanical systems can be achieved in several ways. In this case, the contact is made in the line. This means that a contact is made between the front surface of the pin and the circumferential surface of the disk, which is visible in the cutting fluid (wear particles) and on the front surface of the pin. There is a direct proportionality between the amount of wear particles and the PQ index. The higher the PQ index, the better the disk material is machined if the wear path on the pin is smaller. During this test, two wear parameters were measured. The PQ index was measured at PQ 2000, and the wear strips (surface profilometer) Talysurf No. 6 and tool microscope.
During the test, an attempt was made to define the processing quality values of a group of isothermally improved ductile iron in contact with steels by measuring the PQ index in cutting fluids at the end of 120 minutes of tribological contact on a Pin on disk tribometer.
The normal load is for the value of the radial component of the cutting force at the tool load as pina and sliding speeds which are harmonized with the cutting speed of 0.65 m / s.

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Datum: 10.08.2021.

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